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Who is this guy?

Uhhh... a guitarist first and foremost. Bassist, drummer, songwriter, producer... Audio engineer, fuzz pedal builder, teacher. I mean, this is if we're going by chronological order. Most of these things I've picked up and actually done professionally for a while... but I've never actually been game enough to MAINTAIN ANYTHING, or put myself out there for fear of failing.

But if there is something that I've learned over my years trying to do ANYTHING, it's that there is always going to be someone or something out there with a more experienced skillset, more knowledge, more... lots of things. That doesn't mean that what YOU do is not of value. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't try, because in your trying you are still generally helping in some way. You're still contributing SOMETHING, even if it is a different approach or option.

So... who am I?

I'm a work in progress, forever learning.

But you can call me Sam.

And future blog posts will likely not have anything to do with me personally at all. So, look forward to that.

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