Sick of algorithms over compressing and squashing the life out of your track? Book in for me (a real life engineer!) to master your track so that it's Spotify ready. Life, warmth, and clarity are what I aim for with my hybrid digital-analogue setup.

Core setup:
 - ProTools 11 on PC
 - Tascam Model 24
 - Presonus Eris E8s

Note: I will not be trimming the mastered audio file beyond necessary fades at the beginning or end of your track. You should ensure that you are 100% happy with the mix before sending it through for mastering.

Please ensure that audio file is:

  • Interleaved Stereo WAV - 44.1KHz 24bit or higher is preferred.

  • A sensible level: try and achieve a level between -3 and 0dB but never allow the mix to clip.

  • Add notes about anything you specifically desire re: level or tone.




Recorded a song at home, but can't work out how to get your kick to be punchy? Are your vocals too buried? And what the heck is phase?! Well, you provide your stems, an example of the mix that you're going for (audio clip of a song you want your tune to sound like), and I'll mix it! If you're after full-blown production (e.g. additional instruments, rearrangements) I CAN do this for you, but THIS isn't the service for you. Get in contact with me and we can set something up.

I mix out of the box with various hardware units, and in the box using the Waves collection of plugins.

Check the following before sending through your stems:

  • Make sure you're happy with the performances recorded. The less time I spend editing the audio, the more time I can make it sound good!

  • Any integral effects or VSTs are printed as audio, not sent through as MIDI information.

  • Don't send the project file. I just want your individual WAV or AIFF files - 44.1 or 48kHz, and 16, 24 or 32 bit.

  • Individually label your stem files as such: Instrument-Song Name-Tempo (BPM)

  • Bear in mind that if I am required to auto-tune (significantly) or fix timing/performance issues, this will impact on the amount of time I am able to spend mixing your track. If you feel the need for more production rather than mixing, please get in touch via email first.




Want to record at home, but don't want to annoy your neighbours? Well, let me annoy mine for you instead! I can re-amp line/instrument level guitars and basses that have been recorded straight into an interface through my gear and get you some sweet tones.

I am a pedal hoarder and should have everything you could need... except for a compressor pedal... I don't have one of those yet.

 - Dean Markley RM-40-SR through a Marshall 4x12 (quite Vox sounding)
 - Acoustic 470
 - Ashdown "Little Bastard" 30

 - Various BB, reverse, and digital delays
 - Flux, EHX and Boss reverbs
 - Tremolo, phasers, chorus
 - Klone and Boss overdrives