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E-Book Equalising Your Snare

FREE eBook - Equalising Your Snare!!

SKU: EB-001

Equalisation is not a “one size fits all’ tool. Every signal will be different and requires a different approach. This short guide will provide some ideas on how you can approach this with snares (some other instruments are mentioned too!) in context of your mix!


Let’s keep this casual because I have this inherent issue with “selling” myself. I mean, why listen to me when there’s a bunch of resources out there on the internet? I don’t really have anything to combat that, just the promise that I’m not going to sell you on the idea of perfection… as in, this ONE THING will make ALL your mixes BETTER! Nah, mixing is a delicate blend of art and science, and there isn’t ONE THING that you can do to make everything work… just some guidelines that you pick up from experience that CAN work when applied CORRECTLY.

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