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How do you get clients in the audio mixing and mastering world?

A LOT of it comes down to networking, credentials, and building up your portfolio... but even then you need to get your name in front of people who need your services.

That's why I've dipped my toes into two different online platforms:

  1. Soundbetter

  2. Fiverr

I first heard about SoundBetter on YouTube after seeing where freelance audio engineers pick up work online. I mean, I've had my website up for over a year now and I'm getting SOME work... but it's far from full time. Heck, I even dropped over $1000 on advertising through Google and got a few people contact me, but they were not actually after my services.

So... why not go to where people actually hunt for musicians and Audio Engineers?!

I completed my SoundBetter profile a while ago, and registered to become a "verified professional", but the waiting list could be MONTHS. Hoo boy.

I've also seen a lot about Fiverr, so I thought I'd register and have a crack at that platform.

I've set up my first 'gig' for Mastering music. I plan to do some more for mixing and freelance guitar work, but I feel that most people who are recording their music also tend to mix it themselves (a kinda terrible idea), and so I'm not going to prioritise that at this stage as I also think that the 'gig' posts (where you advertise your services) is also restricted until you reach a certain amount of income and jobs.

Anyway, I'll report back on how Fiverr goes when/if I get work on it, as well as how the SoundBetter verification process goes.

Wish me luck and all that.

Much Love - Sam

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